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About Us

Our story and mission

Minsan was built to create original retro games inspired by our best experience growing up.  We aim for each game to be fun to play and an original experience.   


Started March 2019 in Singapore, our first title Next Earth™ was released on the 15th October 2020 on the PC platform.    We are now are work to bring Next Earth™ to Mobile platforms in H1 2021 and new game ideas to launch in H2 2021.


Our name Minsan roughly translates to “sometimes”, but also “once in a while” in Filipino and represents the reality that sometimes life does not turn out as planned, but once in a while the twists and turns brings a rare opportunity to create something extraordinary.  


“Be Free To Imagine” is our tagline and it represents the need for people to embrace this uncertainty to reach their full potential through effort and perseverance, as well as imagine the impossible.