Minsan was built to allow everyone to create, experience and share their imaginary worlds they always wanted.

Be free to imagine


To “sometimes”, but also “once in a while” in Filipino and represents the reality that sometimes life does not turn out as planned, but once in a while the twists and turns brings a rare opportunity to create something extraordinary.  


Is that everyone has an inner creativity inside of them, waiting to be unlocked and expressed to the world.  We want to help people express themselves and engage in more creativity.


By creating the tools, videogames and digital products that make it easier for people to express their inner creativity, we are empowering a new generation of tinkerers, makers and creatives to bring their ideas to the world.


So that everyone can have a chance to iterate and explore build their imaginary worlds.  We do this by looking at different models to bring our software to market with a focus on open access and continuously iterating software to make it more usable.


“Be Free To Imagine” that is our tagline and it represents the need for people to embrace their creativity to reach their full potential through effort and perseverance, as well as imagine the impossible. 


In South East Asia in the little red dot called Singapore in 2019.   Started in a study, we aim to bring unique software to global markets that embodies our purpose and hope its brings sparks everyone's imagination.

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Next Earth: The Journey Trilogy is coming out on Mobile in H2 2021.

#1 Touch Interface

Full gameplay experience translated to touch enabled D-pad controls for you to play anywhere.

#2 Full Features

Every feature, level and challenge translated to mobile devices.

#3 Free To Play

A new play to play model that is ad supported, so anyone can enjoy the experience.

Next Earth: The Journey Trilogy™

A classic arcade adventure set in space, Next Earth tells the story of humanity evacuating Earth to escape the Octians to find a new home.

Control the evacuation ships, use hyperdrive technology to slow down or speed up space, collect enough fuels cells to open the hyper gate to move all your ships to safety before you run out of time.  Remember to avoid the Octians.

  • Use strategy, reflexes and speed to win the day.

  • Unique gameplay fusing real time strategy with puzzle arcade adventure.

  • Compelling story about humanity’s next steps after Earth.

  • Inspired by 80’s arcade games.

  • Aim higher! With bonus tiles, hidden collectibles and levels to unlock.