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Minsan believes in empowering everyones ability to explore and express themselves through creativity.

Be Free To Imagine


To “sometimes”, but also “once in a while” in Filipino and represents the reality that sometimes life does not turn out as planned, but once in a while the twists and turns brings a rare opportunity to create something extraordinary.  


Is that everyone has an inner creativity inside of them, waiting to be unlocked and expressed to the world.  We want to help people express themselves and engage in more creativity.


By creating the tools, videogames and digital products that make it easier for people to express their inner creativity, we are empowering a new generation of tinkerers, makers and creatives to bring their ideas to the world.


So that everyone can have a chance to iterate, explore and embrace their creativity.  We do this by looking at different models to bring our software to market with a focus on open access and continuously iterating software to make it more usuable.


“Be Free To Imagine” that is our tagline and it represents the need for people to embrace their creativity to reach their full potential through effort and perseverance, as well as imagine the impossible. 


In South East Asia in the little red dot called Singapore in 2019.   Started in a study, we aim to bring unique software to global markets that embodies our purpose and hope its brings sparks everyone's imagination.

Experience a new kind of puzzle game

#1 Pick up and play

Just touch the screen or press a button to put a brick down and then build your tower.

#2 Relaxing zen

Minimalist graphics, peaceful music and sound effects create a relaxing zen experience.

#3 Endlessly replay-able

Play your way with different themes, play styles, environment set ups and difficulty to create a different experience each time you play.

#4 Mobile and portable ready

Built from the ground up to work well on mobile and portable devices such Steam Deck as well as desktop, so you can play wherever you are.

Enjoy the zen experience with Stack, Clack, Clock!

Feel some of the gameplay and put your creative hat on to build the right tower and get to the finish line.

Collapsing tower

To the finish line

Avoiding the falling objects

Navigating the maze

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

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"We call Peya Lebar our home at Spaces, where we build our digital products surrounded by fellow creatives."

See Stack, Clack, Clock! in action

We practice

open game development

Join our community on discord to feed into our game development releases (starting with Stack Clack Clock!) or follow us on Twitter / Youtube to see our latest content.

Building a tower one brick at a time. 

A game about stacking bricks.


Enjoy the feeling of peaceful zen as you watch your tower take shape.  

Use your creative thinking to get to the finish line avoiding all obstacles.

Endlessly replay-able by anyone anywhere.

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Launching spring on PC on Steam Early Access and mobile platforms.

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